Welcome to the 12 week transformation challenge page! Over the past two year’s I have held many challenges and there have been many successes. I started with a 6% in 60 days challenge and then I moved to a 12 week transformation challenge and the results were phenomenal. I also partnered with Precision Nutrition (where I hold my nutrition coaching certification) to utilize their fitness and nutrition coaching platform for the transformation challenge. The results doubled for my clients and everyone absolutely loved the content/education/support the platform provides them. There is so much content that I could never produce this all by myself in a hundred years. There is one more month left in this transformation challenge and I am very excited to announce the winners and give away $1,500 in cash prizes to the top 3 transformations.

The next challenge begins January 8th, 2018. You can save 30% off the registration fee (normally priced at $199) if you reserve your spot on the pre-sale list. Visit http://12weektransformationchallenge.com 


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