Why do transformation challenges work?

I have been holding challenges ranging from 60 day challenges to 12 week transformation challenges for a couple of years now and they flat out work.

Competition –  I believe competition plays a big role in why transformation challenges work. We are all competitive whether we want to admit it or not. Some are more competitive than others, but we all secretly want to win. It’s human nature, we want to be the best, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Why shouldn’t you want to be the best, there is nothing selfish or wrong with that.

Money –  I have given away cash prizes in every transformation challenge I have held and I believe this is another factor in why these challenges work so well. Everyone wants to win money, especially if you win more money than what you paid to be in the challenge. I mean, what better feeling is it to get healthy, get fit, look good, feel good and win money.

Community – Going through nutrition and fitness changes can seem daunting, it’s not easy to change, it’s hard to make healthy choices, especially if you are alone. Of course, you’re not alone because you have me as your coach, but you need to know there are other people going through the same changes you are. Just knowing there are other people going through the exact same struggles, fears, and doubts puts your mind at ease. That’s why I have always created private groups and put everyone in the group. The public cannot see this group and you can be open and honest in the group.

Once I started holding my 12 week transformation challenges, the participants started seeing incredible success. The inches and pounds lost far exceeded any other challenge I have held before. 12 weeks is a long time and you can’t fake 12 weeks, you have to be all in.

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Why we don’t sell pills, shakes, or things that wrap around your body?

We don’t sell, affiliate, or promote these things because we don’t believe in quick weight loss. We don’t believe in quick weight loss because in our opinion it is not sustainable over the long run. Sure, if you’re looking to drop some pounds quickly for some type of event these things may work, but you’re just putting a band aid on the problem, you’re not really solving the problem, you’re just getting a short-term solution.

We like to solve the problem, we like to get lifetime results, not just 30 day results. Quite frankly you put yourself and your body through torture with restrictive diets and insane amounts of exercise, there’s no way you can sustain that for a long period of time, you will eventually burn out. By the way, it’s not healthy either, it’s extremely unhealthy.

We take a much different approach, we take our time, we do it slowly, we focus on habits and mindset instead of calorie counting. Our 12-week transformation challenge teaches you the habits you need to succeed for the long haul, well after the challenge is over. We really want you on our program for one full year, but we know that a year is a pretty big commitment. That’s why our transformation challenge is only the first 12 weeks. Once the transformation challenge is over you can decide if you would like to stick with us for the remaining 9 months.

We do recommend you buy something though and that is good ole fashioned food from the grocery store. You know with like a shopping cart and clear plastic bags you put produce in. Pretty crazy right! We are big proponents of whole nutritious minimally processed single ingredient foods as much as possible. Of course, there are times where you need supplements like a protein powder, fish oil, multi vitamins, etc etc. But we won’t try to sell you our supplements, because we don’t have any to sell. You choose which supplements you want to buy and we’ll show you what to look for on the labels. Pretty cool, right?

What is habit based coaching?

Habit based coaching is what this transformation challenge is all about. We teach you the nutritional and exercise habits that you need to succeed far beyond the 12 weeks.

We believe that it’s all about the habits that make you successful. We can tell you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but that is not sustainable. That approach does not take real life into account, it doesn’t care when life happens and you can’t eat your perfectly planned meal.

We show you that when life does get in the way of your perfect plans to fall back on your foundational habits of eating slowly, mindfully, and to satisfied. These are the basic foundational habits of our program in the 12 week transformation challenge.

Our lives are busy, hectic, and always on the go. We go to drive thru’s because they are quick and convenient. Then we scarf down our food in a hurry, not thinking about what we are putting in our body.

In the basic habits we slow down our eating and that makes us mindful of what we are putting in our body. We also practice eating to 80% full and eating slowly helps this habit. These two basic habits sounds like a no brainer but when actually put into practice you learn a whole lot about yourself and you start seeing huge changes in your body.

These are just a couple of things that makes this program powerful and successful. We go into a whole lot more detail in the 12 week transformation challenge. Get your name on the list today for the next challenge. http://12weektransformationchallenge.com

12 week transformation challenge

Welcome to the 12 week transformation challenge page! Over the past two year’s I have held many challenges and there have been many successes. I started with a 6% in 60 days challenge and then I moved to a 12 week transformation challenge and the results were phenomenal. I also partnered with Precision Nutrition (where I hold my nutrition coaching certification) to utilize their fitness and nutrition coaching platform for the transformation challenge. The results doubled for my clients and everyone absolutely loved the content/education/support the platform provides them. There is so much content that I could never produce this all by myself in a hundred years. There is one more month left in this transformation challenge and I am very excited to announce the winners and give away $1,500 in cash prizes to the top 3 transformations.

The next challenge begins January 8th, 2018. You can save 30% off the registration fee (normally priced at $199) if you reserve your spot on the pre-sale list. Visit http://12weektransformationchallenge.com