What is habit based coaching?

Habit based coaching is what this transformation challenge is all about. We teach you the nutritional and exercise habits that you need to succeed far beyond the 12 weeks.

We believe that it’s all about the habits that make you successful. We can tell you what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but that is not sustainable. That approach does not take real life into account, it doesn’t care when life happens and you can’t eat your perfectly planned meal.

We show you that when life does get in the way of your perfect plans to fall back on your foundational habits of eating slowly, mindfully, and to satisfied. These are the basic foundational habits of our program in the 12 week transformation challenge.

Our lives are busy, hectic, and always on the go. We go to drive thru’s because they are quick and convenient. Then we scarf down our food in a hurry, not thinking about what we are putting in our body.

In the basic habits we slow down our eating and that makes us mindful of what we are putting in our body. We also practice eating to 80% full and eating slowly helps this habit. These two basic habits sounds like a no brainer but when actually put into practice you learn a whole lot about yourself and you start seeing huge changes in your body.

These are just a couple of things that makes this program powerful and successful. We go into a whole lot more detail in the 12 week transformation challenge. Get your name on the list today for the next challenge. http://12weektransformationchallenge.com

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