Why do transformation challenges work?

I have been holding challenges ranging from 60 day challenges to 12 week transformation challenges for a couple of years now and they flat out work.

Competition –  I believe competition plays a big role in why transformation challenges work. We are all competitive whether we want to admit it or not. Some are more competitive than others, but we all secretly want to win. It’s human nature, we want to be the best, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Why shouldn’t you want to be the best, there is nothing selfish or wrong with that.

Money –  I have given away cash prizes in every transformation challenge I have held and I believe this is another factor in why these challenges work so well. Everyone wants to win money, especially if you win more money than what you paid to be in the challenge. I mean, what better feeling is it to get healthy, get fit, look good, feel good and win money.

Community – Going through nutrition and fitness changes can seem daunting, it’s not easy to change, it’s hard to make healthy choices, especially if you are alone. Of course, you’re not alone because you have me as your coach, but you need to know there are other people going through the same changes you are. Just knowing there are other people going through the exact same struggles, fears, and doubts puts your mind at ease. That’s why I have always created private groups and put everyone in the group. The public cannot see this group and you can be open and honest in the group.

Once I started holding my 12 week transformation challenges, the participants started seeing incredible success. The inches and pounds lost far exceeded any other challenge I have held before. 12 weeks is a long time and you can’t fake 12 weeks, you have to be all in.

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