We don’t sell, affiliate, or promote these things because we don’t believe in quick weight loss. We don’t believe in quick weight loss because in our opinion it is not sustainable over the long run. Sure, if you’re looking to drop some pounds quickly for some type of event these things may work, but you’re just putting a band aid on the problem, you’re not really solving the problem, you’re just getting a short-term solution.

We like to solve the problem, we like to get lifetime results, not just 30 day results. Quite frankly you put yourself and your body through torture with restrictive diets and insane amounts of exercise, there’s no way you can sustain that for a long period of time, you will eventually burn out. By the way, it’s not healthy either, it’s extremely unhealthy.

We take a much different approach, we take our time, we do it slowly, we focus on habits and mindset instead of calorie counting. Our 12-week transformation challenge teaches you the habits you need to succeed for the long haul, well after the challenge is over. We really want you on our program for one full year, but we know that a year is a pretty big commitment. That’s why our transformation challenge is only the first 12 weeks. Once the transformation challenge is over you can decide if you would like to stick with us for the remaining 9 months.

We do recommend you buy something though and that is good ole fashioned food from the grocery store. You know with like a shopping cart and clear plastic bags you put produce in. Pretty crazy right! We are big proponents of whole nutritious minimally processed single ingredient foods as much as possible. Of course, there are times where you need supplements like a protein powder, fish oil, multi vitamins, etc etc. But we won’t try to sell you our supplements, because we don’t have any to sell. You choose which supplements you want to buy and we’ll show you what to look for on the labels. Pretty cool, right?

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